The control panel has been installed for the station and sidings and is ready for points/isolation sections/signals etc to be connected. the layout will allow Dc or DCC to be selected for different elements of the layout. The down line is now a complete circuit and the the power bus bar installation has commenced.

Due to the COVID situation all events and club meetings are cancelled/postponed until further notice

News 26/09/2019

The New O gauge club layout currently under construction has now been named:


The BHMRC trip for 2020 will be to North Wales:

Members will be enjoying a few days in good company exploring the railways, both standard and narrow gauge, of North Wales

News 18/08/2015

The move did not go ahead as planned as the contractors had got the foundations wrong.

The foundations have now been put right but we don't have a date for the move as the contractor has to find the cranes and lorries again for the move.

Hopfully we will be in in the middle of September.

Then the work starts.

Planning permission for the present site has been approved for housing so it looks like we have done the right thing in getting the new building at Chapel.

News 30/09/2015

The first units of our new club house arrived on site today at long last. The contractors had a few teething problems namely the ground work contractors had got the measurements of the landing pads wrong.

With a bit of jiggery pokery it was sorted out and when I left the site at lunchtime two units where in place.

Hopefully by the end of tomorrow all the 14 units will be in place.

Next week we are hopefully going to complete the rewiring. This is an important element as this enables us to get a cup of tea. The members refuse to do any work with out it.

News 19/10/2015

Things did not go as planned as the the landing pads where still wrong. The first six units had to be moved again so that we could adjust the landing pads.

Finally the units where put in place on Friday 16th.

Work  commenced today to clear out the rubbish and start work on the electrics.

We have sold our other club house and that should be moved in the next few weeks.

For a while our Monday nights meetings will have to be in a pub (what a shame).

Why not come along and be a builder instead of a model railway club member as this will be the norm for the foreseeable future.

Many hands make light work.

News 30/11/2015

Work has commenced on the refurbishment of the new building with up to10 members working on the building three days a week.

All the plasterboard that needed coming off has now been removed and the studwork walls that needed removing have come down.

New doors have been fitted and other doors have been taken off and filled in with plaster board.

The electrics have been started by Steve who is a signal man so works full time. He comes along when he can.

We had a slight problem with the floor as when the units were located three had missed the landing pads in the middle. This envolved us cutting holes in the floor and jacking the building up and new landing pads fitted. We are also having to completely replace the floor and joists in what will be the kitchen. Work which we could have done without.

If the work carries on at this pace we should have a fully usable building by the spring 2016 and finished by the summer.

Pictures below.

News 11/01/2018

All the work has been completed and we have been functioning as a fully working club since spring 2016.

The "O" gauge layout has been extended to 60ft and is of exhibition standard.

The "OO" gauge layout has been joined to the gasworks to make a layout of 60ft with a 40ft tramway included.

Work is commencing on a "N" gauge exhibition layout

The 10` x 18` room which was going to be used for members layouts is now a work room with storage for timber and all the tools. This is classed as a dirty room as we have a electic saw and is used to cut the timber for the layouts.

The larger work room 20 x 18 is classed as a clean room as it is used to build new layouts and buildings ect

All the bits a pieces that we need to build layouts is housed in fully fitted cuboards with work tops

and chairs.

The library/ computer room is fully fitted out with computer, printer, library, sittees and arm chairs.This makes it a very restfull room to work and study in

Latest news 10/03/2019

The club house is being remodelled again to accomodate the larger O gauge layout.

The work room and office are now the O gauge layout room.

A small store has been built at the end of the former office.

The office and layout building rooms have moved to the main club room.

All this gives the O gauge a large enough space to do a roundy roundy.

Lots of work being done on Branstead Quay and Halstead is being worked on again, abet slowly. 

Why not pop along to see what's going on.

We are open every Thursday and all event days at the museum.We also have a sales stand of second hand railways + dvds all at very competive prices.

80 Tonne crane used to lift the buildings in place

The plasterboard has been taken off.

All the studwork had a lot of screws which had to be removed prior to be taken down.

The exhibition room in a sorry state.

We have put a door in from the entrance lobby, filled in two more doors and moved one door for a fire escape.

The corridor looking towards the entrance 28.01/16

Club room 28.01.16. Most of the new plasterboard has been fitted.

Exhibition room with the ceiling ready for painting 28.01.16. Note the new window.

Base for new building

Picture taken from new station at the top of the field

New station at top of field

The second unit with the club layout inside. This had to be done as the layout would not fit through the doors.

Studwork walls with plasterboard removed.

Alan one of the committee member thinking he is on "You been framed"

The other end of the corridor with Martin looking to see if the wall joins the ceiling 28.01.16

First unit arriving

The first unit being craned in. Note the club layout waiting to be put in the second unit.

The club room with all the walls removed. Note all the fiberglass bats. These were in the partition walls.

Steve who is doing the rewiring posing as usual.

The new kitchen with a serving hatch


What will be the work room  27.01.16

The work room with a very noisy Gordon fitting the buttress  28.01.16