Club Layouts


Below is a selection of photographs of the club layouts. We have 'N' 'OO' and 'O' gauges inside the club with two layouts on permanent exhibition to the public, so even when members are not on site there is something for visitors to see and operate themselves.

Richard has fitted a transport system for the dockside crane.

It now runs very slowly on its own track over the dock track

This is the fixed club's 'OO' layout in the main club room. It is approximately 60 feet in length and is basically a dog bone configeration, but with lots of added interest: A dock and canal, a busy main station and town with a tramway connection between the industrial area and gas works and the town centre. The tramway runs over a hill and lake and the gas works has a small 'OO9' works railway.

As you can imagine there is always a lot of work to be done but most of the electrics have been completed, with four sections + they can all be switched onto DCC if required.

Lymeswold.  Part of the permanent exhibitionut

Lymeswold and Halstead, the permanent exhibition room layouts.  Press button control, so even whenmembers are not there, the public can see what we get up to. (everyone in the picture gave their consent to be in the photo~ thank y

Gosfield Yard and Gosfield Juction are both O Gauge transferrable layouts for exhibitions. The two can be put together to provide an imprssive 60+ foot long exhibition.

Both have been out for exhibitions and are booked for sveral more into 2020. Keep an eye out for us and come and say hello.

Gosfield Yard: O gauge team at Dapol's club members day Sept 2019

Kelveden: Members examing this N gauge layout, newly aquired as a club layout.

Alexander Palace Team. 2019