Permant exhibition room

Permanent Exhibition hall


Open even when the club is closed. Prmission given by members of public in photo.

Southern Railways T9 Loco

The river bridge on Lymeswold our oo gauge ex exhibition layout.

Scratch built buildings of Halstead town

The camp site at the DJ BoBo festival.

Miniatur Wunderland

Main Club Room

The DJ BoBo festival. Ovber21.000 figurines glued in by hand.

Miniatur Wunderland.

An odd photo this one, normally everyone would be holding a mug of tea.

Twin tunnels. Miniatur Wunderland.

I think they look almost real.

Club portable 'O' gauge layout - Gosfield Junction / Yard

Club Trips

Wuppertal Suspension Railway depot in Germany.

The railway is unique as it is the only  public suspension railway in the world.

Under the layout. Miniatur wunderland

Hanging railway Wuppertal Germany

This garage is just across the road from Miniatur Wunderland. When the prices at the garage change so do the ones on the layout.  They have a computer link to the garage.

All the vehicle move to, with working lights and indicators.

We always travel first class as we like our bit of comfort

Tornado on our visit to the Blue Bell railway

Bob, on our visit to a New Cross Gate signal box.

Fish and chip supper at MannGapps farm

Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg


This photo is from Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg Germany.

This depicts a Swiss scene.

The control room Miniatur Wunderland.

Peter our secretary waiting for the tram near Hanover


Model of a rock concert, all the figures individually placed

More of the likely lads at Wroxham

Gordon, the treaurer looks like a little boy in a sweet shop  - on the footplate

Three of the likely lads at Beamish Open air Museum

Construction of club house at EARM

New station at top of field

Base for new building. Picture taken from new station at the top of the field

80 Tonne crane used to lift the buildings in place

First unit arriving

The second unit with the club layout inside. This had to be done as the layout would not fit through the doors.

The plasterboard has been taken off.

All the studwork had a lot of screws which had to be removed prior to be taken down.

Studwork walls with plasterboard removed.

The club room with all the walls removed. Note all the fiberglass bats. These were in the partition walls.

The exhibition room in a sorry state.

We have put a door in from the entrance lobby, filled in two more doors and moved one door for a fire escape.

The corridor looking towards the entrance 28.01/16

Alan one of the committee member thinking he is on "You been framed"

The first unit being craned in. Note the club layout waiting to be put in the second unit.

Stephen who is doing the rewiring posing as usual.