Halstead Station circa 1950

This all scratch built layout is correct down to the last brick.

Unfortunately Reg who built the layout passed away January 2015.The family have kindley donated the layout to the club who will finish it. The layout is on permanent display in the exhibition room wth push button operation.

General view of layout

Station yard. All of this has been demolished and flats built on the site.

The long building in the background   (formally built as a Corn Exchange) is still standin abet wthout the toilets

W H Smith book shop Sadly this has gone as has the signal box in the background.

Public Toilets. To the left of the building were the public toilets. These were demolished when the building was converted to a public library.

Goods shed and Grain store/Stables

Technical College. Note the flat roof is higher than the window sills. This is not a mistake as this is how it was built.

The goods shed. This would have been on the right of the station complex next to Kings road. In the background is the iron footbridge @ 208ft long.

The station building This was built of blocks 14" x 6" and a slate roof.

Interior of station building

Technical College. This was originally built as a Corn Exchange in 1865 and converted into a tech college in 1890.

Another change took place in 1965 to its present day use as a Public Library.

Intererior of Goods shed. Note the brazier in the centre of the floor. Must have been winter as it is alight.

The corn exchange symbol. This was

a sheaf of wheat expertly made by Reg.