Club Layouts


Here you will find the club layouts. Some are avalible for exhibitions. Information will be under the layout.

This is the fixed club layout.

As you can see there is still quite a lot of work to be done but all rhe electrics have been completed.

We have four sections + they can all be switched onto DCC if required.

Fixed club layout. Can you spot the four bridges

Richard has fitted a transport system for the dockside crane.

It now runs very slowly on its own track over the dock track

Spot the Kangaroo

Tidy up for an open day


Still plenty of work to do

Branstead Quay Station

fixed club layout

Fixed club layout.

Rear of Station building

Latest work on the quay

Gosfield Junction the O gauge layout.

This layout is available for exhibitions

New "N" gauge layout.

Another cameo

Bike in the canal

 One of the cameos on Branstead Quay

Boats on the lake Branstead Quay

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